Lone Poulsen
Danish State-Authorized Translator
MA in Language for Special Purposes
Member of the Association of Danish Authorized Translators
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  How to reduce the cost of your translation

You can reduce the cost of your translation by:

  • setting a reasonable deadline to avoid rush charges;
  • marking any portions of the text that do not have to be translated (inapplicable items in forms, tables, etc.);
  • providing the source document electronically;
  • sending the best available copy (it may be time-consuming to decipher a third-generation fax);
  • saying if you do not need to have the format of the original reproduced (tables, outlines, typestyle);
  • including illustrations (as they may resolve ambiguities in the text);
  • providing background information (e.g. previous correspondence in the case of letters). If similar work has been translated in the past, I strongly suggest that you attach samples of both the original and the translated text so I can maintain consistency.