Lone Poulsen
Danish State-Authorized Translator
MA in Language for Special Purposes
Member of the Association of Danish Authorized Translators
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Translation prices are calculated on a per job basis.

To get a free, firm and competitive quotation and delivery time for your particular project or to place an order, simply send the entire document to be translated by e-mail, fax (+45 86 62 57 41) or regular mail. Please indicate the end use of the translation, any special formatting requirements as well as how and when you wish the translation to be delivered. There is of course no obligation involved in requesting a quotation.

Prices are based on a number of factors including:

  • Whether the source document is provided electronically
  • The complexity and nature of the text
  • The length of the text
  • The formatting requirements
  • The required turnaround time

Translation jobs can be priced in Danish kroner, EURO or US Dollars as you wish.

How to reduce the cost of your translation