Lone Poulsen
Danish State-Authorized Translator
MA in Language for Special Purposes
Member of the Association of Danish Authorized Translators
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Facts about State-Authorized Translators

State-authorized translators hold a Master’s degree in Language for Special Purposes from a Danish business school and are certified by the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency (Erhvervs- og Selskabsstyrelsen).
Only translators certified by the Danish state may use the official seal, certify translations and call themselves "state-authorized translator (and interpreter)" - the official Danish title is Statsautoriseret translatør (og tolk), or simply translatør.
State-authorized translators are bound by law to observe professional secrecy and to "perform their work with accuracy, diligence and care".
Certified translations
Certified translations are legal documents and are used, for example, in court, in applications to universities in other countries, or in setting up a business abroad. The state-authorized translator’s seal with its distinctive crown at the center certifies that the translation is true and accurate.
The document may subsequently be authenticated by the appropriate authorities.