Lone Poulsen
Danish State-Authorized Translator
MA in Language for Special Purposes
Member of the Association of Danish Authorized Translators
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Facts about the Master’s Degree in
Language for Special Purposes
The Master’s programme in Language for Special Purposes (LSP) lasts 5-6 years and focuses on translation between a foreign language and Danish.
The key features of the programme are:
  • translation theory and text analysis
  • general translation
  • translation of scientific/technical texts
  • translation of legal texts
  • translation of economic/financial texts
  • literature and culture
  • civics
  • grammar
  • terminology
  • lexicography
  • computational linguistics
  • interpreting

The course is available at the Aarhus School of Business and the Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.

In Danish, MAs in LSP are termed cand.ling.merc., the abbreviated form of candidata/candidatus lingua mercantilis.